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Strandhase APA_Small.jpg

Strandhase APA

Bittersweet Symphony

A relatively young representative in the large family of pale ales is the American Pale Ale. In this beer, the malt sets the tone. Not without reason, because the hop bitterness inherent in this beer needs a worthy opponent.

As an additional fresh component, Citra hop was used in this top-fermented beer in addition to the fruity-spicy Cacsade hops, which impresses with its fine fruit and citrus notes. Bitterly fresh American Pale Ale is the perfect accompaniment to hearty meals and barbecue sessions.

Strandhase Wit_02_Small_neu.jpg

Strandhase Lager

Not boring at all!

What wheat beer is to the German, the Wit is to the Belgian. It is no wonder that this style becomes increasingly popular in other countries as well. The full, almost creamy mouthfeel is created during brewing through the use of wheat malt.


However, it does not fill you up as much as you are used to from German wheat beer. Belgian Wit beer yeasts give the beer its light, fruity character, which is supported by the use of bitter orange peel and coriander seeds.


Light, tasty, naturally cloudy, but not too filling - the perfect properties for a real thirst quencher.

Strandhase Lager_02_Small_neu.jpg

Sold out!

Strandhase Wit

One wit, please!

Probably the best-known variant of the lager, the pale lager, should be golden yellow, lean and dry in taste, with little malt sweetness and hop bitterness. Or in short: always drinkable.


Strandhase goes against the trend of mass-produced pale lagers, which are said to have an uninspired, flat character. With high-quality hop varieties such as Citra, a beer is created in the brewing process that also knows how to surprise connoisseurs' palates. Clear hints of tropical fruit coming from the aroma hops, without being too bitter, perfectly complement the beer's lean body. A perfect companion not only on warm summer days.

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