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Our Tastings



Simply diverse.

Isn't beer just fascinating? It only takes three basic ingredients to create an enormous variety of different styles. Everything your heart desires can be brewed from malt, hops and yeast, from golden Pilsner to deep black Stout, from strong, sweet Blonde to robust smoked beer or from Düsseldorfer Alt to hoppy IPA. If you then go one step further and experiment with spices, fruits or wild yeasts, this can take the beer to a whole new level.

These beer tastings offer you the opportunity to delve deeper into the world of beer and get an idea of how creative the process and the result can be. Together with our beer sommelier you will discover the world of beer with all its peculiarities, backgrounds and stories.

• Get to know six different beer styles
• Small snacks included
• Duration approx. 2.5 to 3 hours

You have to be older than 18 years to participate



Aromatic, practical, good.

Is beer more than enjoyment for you? We have developed our beer brewing theory course for everyone who has always wanted to know exactly how beer is made. You will get a deeper insight into the production that goes beyond the usual brewery tours. From "What actually is malt?” to “How do I brew my own beer?” we will answer all your questions. Learn everything about malting, grinding, mashing, wort boiling and fermentation. Get to know the raw materials, taste the difference, and find out what adjustments you need to make to achieve excellent brewing results. Our aim is to provide newcomers and experienced beer connoisseurs with a deeper knowledge of beer production.

• Get to know six different beer styles
• Small snacks included
• Duration approx. 2.5 to 3 hours
• Opportunity to purchase brewing kits

You have to be older than 18 years to participate



Experience beer together.

Beer is social, so why not learn more about the wide variety of beer as a group? Regardless of whether you want to surprise your customers with a special event or simply want to say thank you to your employees.


We offer individual tastings for six or more people and you decide how these are to be carried out. Would you like to taste speciality beers, would you like to find out more about a designated beer style such as Altbier, or do you simply want to find out how beer is actually made?


Strandhase makes it possible, and you determine the rest: from the number of participants, the duration, the topic or the combination with an enjoyable meal - directly with us or at a location of your choice.



Because beer goes with everything.

Think of your favorite dish. There is definitely a wine that goes perfectly with this meal. It can emphazise the different aromas and tastes and turn your dish into a special experience. Can this also work with beer? It can!

In our beer-food pairing, we will show and prove to you how the different styles of beer can contribute to accentuating food - both through the pleasure of eating and through use in cooking. The infinite variety of flavors such as herbal, fruity, malty, sweet, smoky and much more ensures that the character of a wide variety of dishes is emphasized and complemented. During this tasting you will learn interesting facts about the background of the served beers and how you can use them accompany almost every dish.

• on request for groups of six people or more

• several courses and matching beers

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