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About Strandhase

We've always had a thing for beer, and by that we don't just mean consuming. The almost endless variety of different beer styles simply fascinates us. So much so that in April 2019 we decided to launch our own beer brand. The name: Strandhase.


But that's not all: our idea was to get others interested in beer as well. We founded Düsseldorf's smallest brewery in order to be able to constantly create new and, above all, incredibly delicious craft beers. In our brewing lab in Düsseldorf-Flingern, Martin, co-founder and beer sommelier, passes on his beer knowledge. In this way, we continue to inspire people to approach beer in an exciting way, or to become home brewers.

Strandhase is about more than just beer. That's why we prove at food pairings that beer can be an excellent accompaniment to almost any dish. And so that celebrations are anything but dry, we bring our fine craft beer to your company or event with the Strandhase beer mobile.

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